Will Congress Actually Help Consumers?

Recently, there has been a push to ban arbitration agreements between certain companies and consumers.  This push is being made by the government’s consumer watchdog group. Presumably, they have realized the important role class action lawsuits play in cleaning up bad corporate behavior.  The target is the arbitration clause many companies stick into the boilerplate customer agreements that are unilaterally negotiated to the detriment of all the customers of these corporations.  Banning these arbitration clauses would have the effect of re-opening the courtroom doors to people who have been ripped off by these companies.

The lawyers at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC could not be happier that Congress is contemplating passing a law that would actually benefit the citizens of the United States rather than once again pushing the interests of its corporate overlords.  If you have been ripped off by a company only to find out you have no recourse because of some fine print arbitration clause buried within a thousand page long document nobody could ever read or understand, contact your local member of Congress and remind them they work for you and not just some faceless check writing corporation.