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Welcome to Consumer Protection Legal, LLC

Welcome to Consumer Protection Legal, LLC

Have you been ripped off? Is there a mysterious charge on one of your bills that you can’t quite figure out? What is a surcharge anyway? Have you found yourself trapped in an auto renewal program and the only way you can think of getting out of it is to fake your own death (and even then you’ll still probably get charged)? Do you find yourself trying to get a refund from a corporation by trying to break through their voice answering system, whose options always claim to have changed, in hopes that at some point you may be able to find a live human voice? Are you on hold right now, as you are reading this webpage, listening to the autumn movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, while your blood pressure builds? Are you, in the words of the 1970s singer-songwriter, Warren Zevon, to the point that you are a “desperate” person / Send lawyers, guns, and money / The sh#t has hit the fan? If so, we can help with the first part of that refrain.

​Companies do not fear their customers: they fear their customers’ lawyers.

Consumer Protection Legal, LLC has a highly trained and experienced legal team, capable of evaluating your consumer protection case and getting you the justice you deserve. If you want to get your money back and not get ripped off anymore by this company, stop listening to Vivaldi and submit your case to us for a free evaluation by one of our experienced attorneys.

The attorneys who work and are associated with Consumer Protection Legal, LLC have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of damaged plaintiffs. We have a proven record of success against some of the largest companies in the world.

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