Wage Hour Claim

With more automation and cheap labor from a global workforce, employers have been pushed to find the edge of what is legal with respect to paying the employees who produce the goods and services their companies sell.  Along with this search for the boundaries has come many violations of the law.  In a push for ever increasing profits, many companies will fail to pay the little guy what they are owed for the hours of work they put in.  Fortunately, our legislature has provided a remedy for failure to pay workers what they are owed.  The way to get the benefit of this remedy is by seeking monetary damages with the help of an experienced attorney.  Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating class action and individual claims for damages suffered at the hands of massive corporations.

If you have been the victim of a greedy corporation and you feel you are entitled to payment for overtime or other wages that a company withheld from you, we can help.  Our lawyers will look at any case you think could be worth compensation, no matter how small you might think it is.  We have the experience and the mindset to take on corporations for wage and hour claims including misclassification of managers and failure to pay overtime.  There are other sneaky ways companies steal from employees by not paying them the wages they are owed.  If you know of a company stealing from its employees in any way, contact us immediately for a free review of your potential wage and hour violation claim.