What is an Autorenewal Program?

Companies today are focused on getting subscription revenue from their customers.  In an increasingly online retail world, companies think they are revolutionary by shipping you the same stuff you bought in brick and mortar stores but in a nicer box.  There are shaving clubs that market themselves as having done something absolutely revolutionary by creating a website and selling razor blades manufactured by foreign companies.  The founders of these companies are becoming caricatures of what is perceived to be actual American innovators, people like Steve Jobs.  Its all just marketing and its all done simply to gain access to your checking account on a monthly basis.  They are taking advantage of the fact that Americans shop for most items based upon what their monthly income will support.  This subscription seeking behavior is legal if done properly.  Of course, corporations will take advantage of consumers and hide things in their monthly statements under vague and strange descriptions.  It shouldn’t be alright for people to have no idea what it is they purchased because they cannot tell what the item on their statement is referring to.  This greedy behavior will not change unless you hire a lawyer to punish them.  They do not fear you, the consumer, they do fear your lawyers though.  Why do you think corporations are constantly trying to change laws to keep consumers from seeking justice in the court system?  Its because the courts are your only recourse and your class action lawyers are your only mechanism to enforce the laws and police the greedy corporations.  If you have been the victim of a strange and vague recurring charge on your credit card or checking account, contact the lawyers at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC, we are eager to help.