Receive Notice of a Data Breach?

Did you receive notice that your private personal information may have been taken by hackers in a data breach?

You may be asking yourself, what on earth do I need to do to protect myself from my identity being stolen, my debit card being used, and/or my bank account being drained now that a hacker has had access to your information?

The attorneys at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC have represented several consumers whose private information was accessed or stolen as a result of data breaches involving retailers, hospitals, Pandemic Unemployment Benefit websites, fast food chains, home improvement stores, and other companies with access to the consumer’s private health information, private financial information, and/or other private personal information.

Some of our past clients had already fraudulent charges on their accounts, others had to have their annual fee credit card shut down and lost the benefit of using that card while awaiting their new card to be issued, and others were worried that they might be next and had to front the money for identity theft insurance and credit monitoring.

The attorneys at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC are interested in representing any consumers who have been impacted by a data breach.

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