First Data POS Lease Scam

Attention: Business Owners Who Are Being Sued by First Data or Business Owners that Lease Point of Sale Equipment from First Data

The attorneys at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC are investigating claims that First Data uses omissions and misrepresentations to lock business owners into a $7,000 lease for point-of-sale equipment worth $150 and when you want to cancel the lease because you realize you have been taken advantage of, they have a default judgment entered against you for up to $7000.00 in various jurisdictions, including in the state of New York.

Specifically, First Data Merchant Services LLC, and its department First Data Global Leasing runs a racket where they promise individuals savings for the processing credit and debit card transactions. What First Data does not tell you is that the lease for point-of-sale Equipment costs anywhere from $5,000.00 to $7,000.00 that is disproportionate to the actual cost of the $139.00 POS Equipment. First Data also charges Plaintiff and Class for sham insurance in its Equipment Protection Plan (“EPP”) as it is important that First Data protects its leased POS Equipment (this is of course nonsense because by the second month, the lease payments pay for the POS Equipment and by the end of the lease, Plaintiff has paid for it nearly 41.5 times).

When the individual realizes that First Data’s POS Equipment is not giving them the promised savings and they want to get out of the lease, they learn that it’s a non-cancelable lease with an acceleration cause that the entire amount of the lease, sometimes up to $7,000.00, is due. More importantly, if the individual decides not to pay or can’t pay for the remaining lease payments, First Data will sue you in a New York Court and obtain a default judgment if you are not in a position to pay for an attorney and defend yourself.

If you have been victimized by First Data’s predatory behavior or sued by them, contact the attorneys at Consumer Protection Legal, LLC for a Free Case Evaluation.