Corporate ripoff schemes

There are many ways a company can rip you off.  They can sell you something that is not what it seems.  It may contain ingredients that are not appropriately labeled for example.  They can also sell you things that do not function as advertised.  They might break prematurely or are not appropriately powered to do the job for which they are intended.  Another, more cutting edge way for companies to steal from you is to hide little charges on your pages long credit card bill.  We, the private attorneys general at CPL, cannot stand this hideous practice.  It may seem insignificant to people, a four dollar monthly charge hidden on your statement under some indecipherable label, but they are doing it to thousands if not millions of people.  How can theft such as this be allowed to occur?  Its too small for regulators to get involved in and most people simply brush these schemes aside.  Is it really worth it to contact a lawyer over one of these small charges?  The lawyers at CPL are here to clean up this bad behavior.  If not for class action lawsuits, practices like small hidden charges would run absolutely rampant.  And small charges like this are regressive, they have the greatest impact on people who have the least money to spare.  So its up to you, the injured person, to take the time to contact the class action lawyers at CPL to help police this corporate theft.  If you have been the victim of a corporate ripoff scheme, no matter how small, contact one of our class action lawyers today for a free consultation, we can punish these corporate thieves.